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Class Fee: $90 for three 2-hour sessions, payable at registration or first class.

Class Schedule: See the calendar for a complete list of classes and events.

A short description of the classes offered is below, with more detailed information at the links above. Please call Patricia Garry at 513.281.6864 or e-mail her at patricia@patriciagarry.com with further questions and to register. If you have a group of friends interested in a particular class, other times can be arranged, as can classes for children and youth 11 and up.

Patricia Garry, a well known Tarot card reader and Reiki healer in Cincinnati, teaches these classes in her studio in Walnut Hills. She also reads at parties and events, and is available by appointment for private readings and healing work.

Please feel free to share this website widely among your networks.


REIKI - Walking the Path of Reiki, you will study the history of this ancient healing technique, experience the energy, and be attuned as a First Degree, Second Degree and Reiki Master Healer.

Please bring your favorite Reiki book along to the first class.

SPIRITUAL MARKETING - Use the Path of Spiritual Marketing to Spiral Upward in Life and Business! Now 4 classes long, the final class brings new Marketers into the monthly Spiral gathering. Patricia Garry and Carolyn Wallace co-teach this class, and recommend the book, “The Attractor Factor”, by Joe Vitale, as well as the books of Mike Dooley.

TAROT - Walking the Path of Tarot, you will learn the meanings of the various cards, easy three-card layouts, the history of Tarot, and be able to do readings for yourself and others.
Please bring your favorite deck and book.

INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT / SPIRITUAL COACHING - Your own Intuition will help you find and then walk your own unique Intuitive Development Path, with Spiritual Coaching. We will practice using our intuition on everyday events, on our dreams, and on making decisions, with spiritual coaching, meditations and chakra work included.

DREAMS - Walking the Path of Dreams, using your own dreams as guidance, will give you remarkable insights into your life and your future. We will explore the unique symbols and characters in your own dreams, as we all learn from each other.

THE GODDESS - Walking your Path with The Goddess will introduce you to the many goddesses around the world, and help you find your very own role model / guide Goddess.