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Patricia Garry is a spiritual reader, teacher, healer and writer. She has been on her conscious spiritual path since 1985.

She knew what the Tarot cards were saying to her the first time she ever looked at a deck, and instantly began to work with them and to read every word she could find about their meanings and their history.

She collects Tarot decks, enjoying the many ways they express beauty and truth.

Patricia has studied the mystical teachings of many cultures, including Rumi and other Sufi teachers, the Kabbalah, Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, Christian mystics Hildegard of Bingen and Teresa of Avila, and Celtic and indigenous shamanism.

  As a double Gemini, her interests are many and varied, and she is always exploring spiritual concepts and traditions. She has worked with Norse and Celtic runes, ghosthunting, Native American traditions, and the Yoruba spiritual path of Nigeria.

In 1987, she was Attuned as a Reiki First Degree healer, and then as a Second Degree healer. In 1997, she became a Reiki master.

She is an avid student of The Goddess as reflected in the many Goddesses around the planet, and has been working in a Dream Group since 1991.

In 1990, she came out of the psychic closet and began doing readings and healing work in public, rather than just for friends.

Her key interest has always been in the practical application of spiritual knowledge, so in 2002, she began to teach what she had been studying for all that time.

Patricia teaches classes in all 3 levels of Reiki healing, Tarot reading, Intuitive Development and Spiritual Life Coaching, and Spiritual Marketing.

She also occasionally teaches classes on The Goddess and on Dream Interpretation.

Her students include children and adults, men and women, persons of every race and belief system, all of whom benefit from her personal teaching style, depth of knowledge and belief that we are all enormously gifted, and need just a bit of practice to remember who we are.

You may contact Patricia at patricia@patriciagarry.com, or on her blog, linked above.