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Thanks for joining me here on my website!

My elfin and animal helpers are always coming up with new ideas, so we update these pages frequently. This time, we have a lot more pictures / images / symbols - to add even more fun, more energy - and bring a right brained touch to the left brained information.

Take a look at the great calendar my elfin webmaster has created - it puts all the classes, gatherings, events and opportunities front and center. More information, more articles, more links.

And don’t forget to send your questions along to me via patricia@patriciagarry.com. Answering questions is always one of my favorite things…. It’s amazing what I learn figuring out those answers!

I am loving blogging - however did I get along with it? I can throw stray thoughts that don’t quite make an article or a column, but that are still fun to sort out right into the blog. Almost like Professor Dumbledore’s pensieve.

I appreciate your joining me on the journey!

I hope to see you in person soon….

Much Love and Many Blessings,